Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Due to all of your incredible support over the last year my blog has moved to a NEW and improved site!

Mischiefandmakeup.co.uk has different tabs for Beauty, Make-up, Hair, Fashion, Giveaways, Events, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness... 

Hopefully this will be easier for you to find what you are looking for, a prettier layout & with some products available to buy! I hope you all like it. In less than a year I have had over 2,000 followers & over a thousand views each month ~ I just want to thank you all sooo much for your support & interest!

All of my 2011 posts can still be found here, but for future please go straight to my new blog! Thanks Beauties 


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

MAC LipGlass

Last week I was at Little Beauty Box in Bromley for a Christmas event, and took down my collection of dresses from my new on-line boutique Rule1.(While I'm on the subject I might as well plug it a bit ~ www.Rule1Store.com) To congratulate me my lovely sister bought me some gorgeous gifts. I love a lip gloss and I love MAC so she selected this gift very well. It's a gorgeous little set of 4  MAC lip glosses in different shades of pink.

In the set you get 2 shades of creme glass (barbie pink, and a nude) and 2 dazzle glass which are ultra sparkly. 

This is the more natural pinky colour ~ Fashion Scoop Cremesheen

Girly hot pink ~ Petite Indulgence Cremesheen

Looks slightly purply ~ Rags to Riches Dazzle Glass

And my favourite, gloss & sparkle & pink extreme ~ Like Venus Dazzle Glass

A beautiful little treat & makes a lovely present that all girls are sure to love!


Monday, 19 December 2011


I find the thought of taking off my make-up every single day, only to re-apply the next, painful! For ages I used face wipes (gasp), any beauty therapist or skin care specialist will tell you that they just wipe your make-up around your face & don't really remove it properly. Now I've found 'The One'... 

It's a gel cleanser by Clarins, which is gentle, yet removes all eye and face make up and really cleans but doesn't feel harsh. I've tried soo many face washes but this is my favourite & I will be sticking with it. I think it was about £10.50 and is definitely worth that. It's quick and easy, a nice consistency and leaves my skin soft and clean. It is for use day & night and in the morning I feel like it gives my skin a little boost. A great present or stocking filler for yourself or others... family if you're reading this! :)


Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I wanted to get some new eye shadow for the party season, something that felt Christmassy that I could wear when I get all glammed up for the December nights out. I found the perfect solution with this Smoky Eye Tutorials set by Bare Minerals from Loving Beauty!

It's nice to have some guidance on how to use products and create a professional look, or just to try different techniques so when I saw the Tutorials sets I wanted to try them out straight away! In the Smoky Eyes box you get a Bare Minerals creamy/ivory coloured eye shadow, a darker grey/navy one for the smoky effect, a double ended special blending eye shadow brush, and of course the tutorial on different techniques. 

I also got some La La Lashes from Loving Beauty  http://lovingbeauty.co.uk/ I thought that would finish the look off quite nicely and I think it definitely did! The Smoky Eye set is £21, and free delivery! - which I think is very reasonable. I've tried Bare Minerals products before and know that they look and feel different on the skin because they are made up of only natural products. It almost makes me deliberately not take my make-up off just because I know they say it's fine to sleep in! Haha good job really when you pass out! 
The first picture below I used the ivory eye-shadow all over my eye lid right up to the brow, applied with the blending end of the brush. Then I have used the fine applying end to put the grey into the crease of my eye, and blended the two together so give a softer look. I think it really brought out the colour of my eyes! I've use Benefit High Brow pencil under my brows to highlight my brow bones. 

Picture below without the La La lashes so you can see for comparison....

I love cheek bones too, I will do a post for you soon on what I use! For my Christmas party I then tried a different technique, a bit darker this time. I applied the ivory all over the lid (you have to gently tap the brush before you put it on but it tells you all of this in the box). I then used the grey on a slightly damp brush and mixed the shadow in the lid as it recommends & applied this along the base of my eye-lid near my lashes and a tiny amount in the crease of my eye again. I used my liquid eye liner, applied my La La lashes and then put mascara on my bottom lashes. You can see here how shimmery and reflective the shadow is...

I think it gave a really nice effect!! I can't wait to use them again, next time I'm going to use the grey all over and go really dark and dramatic. I love the lashes too, nice and thick and a good natural shape. I think they really set this look off. (Link to Smoky Eye set on their website here) - http://www.lovingbeauty.co.uk/love-make-up/bare-escentuals/gift-sets/tutorials-smoky-eye/prod_429.html

I definitely want to try some of the other tutorials sets and would definitely recommend buying from Loving Beauty as their prices are really competitive and they don't charge anything for delivery! Here is a link to their website!....
Lovingbeauty ~ www.lovingbeauty.co.uk



Loving Beauty are also on Twitter @LovingBeautyUK