Monday, 19 December 2011


I find the thought of taking off my make-up every single day, only to re-apply the next, painful! For ages I used face wipes (gasp), any beauty therapist or skin care specialist will tell you that they just wipe your make-up around your face & don't really remove it properly. Now I've found 'The One'... 

It's a gel cleanser by Clarins, which is gentle, yet removes all eye and face make up and really cleans but doesn't feel harsh. I've tried soo many face washes but this is my favourite & I will be sticking with it. I think it was about £10.50 and is definitely worth that. It's quick and easy, a nice consistency and leaves my skin soft and clean. It is for use day & night and in the morning I feel like it gives my skin a little boost. A great present or stocking filler for yourself or others... family if you're reading this! :)


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