Friday, 27 May 2011

Beauty & The Beast - 5 Top Tips For Men

It's come to my attention that I have a number of male readers too... Now for straight guys I think men should be men, but there's nothing wrong with a little grooming. Here are the top 5 basics maybe I've dated total vain "metros" but this is what I think is acceptable for everyone, your dad, brother, boyfriends, gay BFF...

1) Moisturise Your Face. Mainly, your face, but also your whole body. Dry face is not attractive. Clinique M Lotion for men is good, Lancome also do a great range. If you don't want to pay those prices Nivea for men does the job, but it is worth the investment I tell you!
For body it's up to you if you want to smell like a girl, we probably think it's nice actually, or stick to Coco butter by Palmer's (kind of unisex).

2) Lip Balm!!! Any, just have nice soft lips. Non tinted is probably best. Especially if you work in a macho office ;)

3) Smell
You will be instantly attractive. If the scruffiest guy is walking past wearing Carolina Herrera 212 he gets our attention. Fact. Watch out for my aftershave review coming up...

4) Touche Eclait.
I've probably lost you by now speaking in a different language as it is. This is also known by some men as "The Gold Pen". Yes it is magic. YSL Touche Eclait is a concealer & under eye highlighter. Men get bags too. A tiny bit of this is acceptable just don't over do it or you'll look like you've just got back from skiing. Loads of guys use it, including all your male role models...

5) Tan
Having a little tan makes everyone more feel and look better. Stay away from sunbeds (you know why) and remember to use lotion in the sun boys... Although I know if I mention the word dangerous you will probably want to do it even more, the lobster look is not attractive. There are loads of every day tanning lotions out there, I know a few guys who use Lauren's Way tan (obviously) and if you use the lotion and in moderation this is acceptable!

Obviously these 5 points are just the tip of the iceberg... we'll save eyebrows and hair removal for another day! And also I could just be describing my ideal bloke and not what every girl wants :)

Mischief & Men

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hard as Nails

A few weeks ago I did a supermarket sweep in Holland & Barrett.... never been there before but decided that buying lots of 'healthy' stuff would make me super fit and amazing (Planet Ali). 

This morning I noticed my unvarnished nails were looking long, all the same length and feel really strong.  I was trying to recall if I'd drank a pint of milk last week or something that had taken effect but then... Oh it must be the Skin, Hair & Nail tablets I have been taking! They actually work? I thought it would just be psychological but you can notice a real difference & they look great! My hair is in better condition too but it's hard to tell how much of that is the Moroccanoil that I've been using every day. I was obviously lacking in the 27 key ingredients in the Skin Hair Nails tablets. Probably in all 27 of them. And for £6.99 money well spent!

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Moroccanoil is absolutely fantastic!!! This hair treatment is HOT off the press. I tried it last week and have used it every day since, the results just keep getting better…

It's an ultra light oil which absorbs into the hair instantly. It strengthens and conditions it and reduces drying time! I'm always skeptical of products when they have totally amazing reviews but I can totally see why.
Michael Bannon of Bannons Hair & Beauty in Hampton stocks Moroccanoil & gave me some to try:
"It is without a doubt our number 1 selling product. It is very exclusive and only stocked at a few selected salons. Lots of people buy the smaller bottle of Moroccanoil at first to try it out and everyone comes back for the 100ml, it's very popular!"

You put just a small amount of the oil through your hair when it's damp (which also smells delish too) and then blow dry as usual. It has left my hair looking in the best condition ever. It's really silky and glossy and doesn't leave any residue. It can up to half your hair drying time too, so if you have a lot of hair this is great!

Moroccanoil can be used on natural hair, WIGS! And any kind of hair extensions. Not that I wear a wig haha! It detangles and completely revives the hair, you have to try it! It's not your average serum like the ones you get off the shelf, although there are some out there that 'do the job', I've never seen results like this and I've tried quite a few (no names mentioned ;) )

This is what they say about Moroccanoil: "contains ingredients that restore condition to over processed hair via chemical or environmental factors. It comes in an amber glass bottle to protect it from ultra violet rays that cause the oxidization process and cause degradation. It controls frizz & protects from UV light on holiday. It enhances the hairs ability to absorb colour too by adding 4-5ml's directly into the colour or bleach to be applied. This enhances the depth of the colour applied, elasticiity of the hair and shine."

There are several products in the range and everyone has been asking me where to buy it!! Well thanks to Bannons you can buy Moroccan oil through ME at the RRP!
Sizes & Prices below, you only need a drop with each use to it really does last a long time. 

Send your orders to

25ml    £9.65
100ml  £30.45
200ml     £64.00

I try so many products so I get really excited when I find something that I think is fantastic. Moroccanoil is great for all hair types, and works wonders on turning frizz to curls or sleek movie star hair. Tweet me or email me if you want to know anything else!


Bannons Hair & Beauty 

Love Mischief & Makeup x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Race For Life!

Loads of us have lost family or friends to Cancer. Race For Life is a 5 or 10k run to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research. The work they do is incredible and goes into supporting cancer patients, scientific research, preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. 

I just wanted to share this with you, to raise awareness, money and to get more people on board! Race For Life are appealing for more people to take part so find an event near you on their website and get involved girls!!xx