Thursday, 23 June 2011

Lauren's Way Clip-in Hair Extensions!

Lauren Goodger has expanded her Lauren's Way brand by launching her own clip-in hair extensions! Adding to her tantastic fake tanning range Lauren's Way are now selling real hair clip in extensions too! Big & Beautiful locks with Lauren's Way!

I've tried lots of clip in hair, most are not real hair & can only be styled by heating to a certain temperature. As these are Grade AAA 100% real hair you can use your tongs or GHDs to style away! I've never seen this quality of hair or thickness before in ANY clip-ins. The packet of contains 5 strips of pre-clipped hair - a 7" row of triple wefted hair, a 6" row of triple wefted hair, a 4" inch row of double wefted hair & two individual side clips (1.5" each) totalling 130grams of hair all together! = A lot of hair! 

This gives you really thick, voluminous hair & is so so soft & silky to touch. The hair length is 20 inches (!) and can be cut or blended to the length & layers that you want.

The hair comes in 10 shades, which is quite unusual, the ones that I used to wear only have about 4 shades, so with these you can get a really good colour match. You can see how natural they look in my photos. They feel great in, all swishy and light, they don't pull your hair at all, just feel natural to wear. To put them in section your hair off, I start with the longest row at the bottom & getting shorter towards the top of your head to create layers (this blends your own hair through them). You can back comb your own hair a tiny bit to add volume and to grip the clips on to. You then bend the clips and they snap shut. I sometimes spray a line of hair spray if I'm in a rush and clip the hair on to my own hair that way. I've got it down to an art & can go from bad hair day to hair-dresser looking hair in 5 minutes easy peasy!

On colour match, quality, thickness and value for money these are definitely THE best clip in hair extensions I've used. I have been wearing mine every day (so much better than my own hair) gorgeous! Hair takes up half of your head so it's got to be looking good :)

The hair extensions are RRP £120 is going to be available on on her Lauren's Way website selling for £60!!

Ask me if you have any more questions, happy to tell you more about them - 

Mischief & Makeup!xx

LW Clip-ins from the back

Monday, 20 June 2011

Love my MAC Lip Balms...

I'm really all or nothing, when I love something I just can't get enough! I love MAC Lip Balm, it has SPF15, stays on for ages, looks good & really soften lips. I have hot pink for Rose stained lips, lavender calm balm for every day neutral shades & clear for under my gloss & lending to boys (hehe)! Love love love them. Always in my bag & stock up everytime I'm at the airport.

Mischief & Makeup xx

Tinted Moisturisers...

I've always worn a tinted moisturiser rather than a foundation as they are lighter on the skin & more natural looking for everyday wear. Clarins has been my favourite and feels light on the skin. As I'm fair I use "blond" shade which is natural but not too pale and acts as a good base for bronzer & blusher. I only just discovered that MAC also do a tinted moisturiser which I bought from the airport for £17 (bit cheaper compared to Clarins @£23). I associate MAC as being a longer lasting heavier brand, great for photographic & evening wear etc. I really liked the MAC Studio Moisture Tint although as expected it is a bit heavier than the Clarins one. The benefit is I can get away without using a concealer too although it does feel a bit more makeup like to me. I think I'll stick to the Clarins during the summer & use the MAC for those paler days, although do we even have seasons in the UK anymore?! 
For £17 it's a great buy & is a really good skin tone match and both of these have SPF15 which is important for skin protection when we get those sunny days & lunch al fresco OR sunbathe on holiday poser style ;) 

Mischief & Makeup xx

Clarins & MAC..

Monday, 13 June 2011

Body Butter Me Up

I’m quite fussy when it comes to body moisturiser. I like quite a rich creme but that easily rubs in (always in a rush), smells great &  obviously leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised not tacky at all.  Body butter is my favourite but finding something that really smells good and not sickly or too heavy.  I’ve tried out loads and because I use it every day, sometimes twice, I have found some affordable absolutely scrummy smelling body butters. Here are my top 2 favourites! 1 – Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. Guaranteed everyone will ask you which perfume you are wearing! It is my absolute favourite it’s so thick and moisturising yet doesn’t sit on the surface of your skin and keeps my tan lasting longer! Smells devine, sweet and candy like & contains Shea Butter & Aloe Vera. 300ml RRP is £10.21 (10% off through mischief& makeup).

The second one is Mela by Sanctuary  Rose & Pistachio Body Butter, making me hungry…. I wasn’t a huge fan of Sanctuary until I tried their shimmering body oil a few months ago which I wear on my legs when I have them on show! So I have gradually been trying their other products. A good friend of mine uses their body scrub and thinks it is amazing too, a good idea to exfoliate before tanning. The Mela Body Butter again has a delicious scent, slightly more subtle than the Soap & Glory, but less sweet and a bit more floral. Leaves your skin feeling completely silky and soft. 300ml RRP £9.21 and again 10% discount when purchased through my site with free p&p. I just love these big tubs of body butter, anything smaller means I run out of it too fast and don’t have to buy multiples of everything!

Will be taking my Soap & Glory on my hols with me, it’s almost a replacement for perfume too it smells so yummy. Staying moisturized means staying tanned longer J

Mischief & Makeup