Thursday, 29 September 2011

Don't be Gel!!

I've just been to have my nails done at my favourite salon Lulu Beauty Lounge in Bromley. I had Gelish applied to my nails, which aren't the same as gel or Acrylic - they're all mine! They last up to 3 weeks and are super glossy & I love the colour. I also had a dark spray tan so hope this weather stays so I can show it off.
Had such a laugh with the girls in there, friendly & professional just how a good salon should be. So nice not to have to think about doing my nails now for a few weeks!xx

Friday, 23 September 2011


Vinyl Gloss by Kate Moss for Rimmel in "Paparazzi"! Really love it, I'll never have pouty enough lips even if I turn myself into Pete Burns! I have recently had Restylane lip fillers, I don't try to hide that, I wouldn't advise anyone on something like that, but personally I like the look. This Vinyl Gloss is a really nice every day lip gloss, and goes well with smoky eyes for evening too. Lighter glosses tend to give more of a reflective plumping effect, I think this does the trick. Mwah! 

Friday, 16 September 2011

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer

I often get asked about foundations & concealers. This is the concealer that I use and it is brilliant. By MAC, Studio Sculpt concealer. 

I want a concealer to do what it is meant to do and completely hide and disguise blemishes. I always think MAC is especially good for evening and photographic wear, with that in mind their concealers are great for all occasions and give the coverage you want. Some people confuse between what you want to conceal & what you should be highlighting. Touch Eclat by YSL is great for under eyes, you want to reflect those areas and not darken them with a heavy concealer, whereas a concealer for other areas of your face, you want to match your foundation & skin tone to. 

A good foundation and base sets off your makeup. Try MAC Strobe cream, Clarins Beauty Balm or Benefit High Beam to experiment with accenting certain areas such as cheek and brow bones to highlight your best assets & Studio Sculpt concealer to eliminate the unwanted!x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

100 Years of Elizabeth Arden

One of the presents my sister gave me for my birthday was an Elizabeth Arden 100 Year Anniversary 8 Hour gift set. It was a bit of a shock to her, but I have never used the renowned 8 hour cream, although I've heard great things. I know that it serves lots of purposes, and can be used on lips too. The set contained a special lip protectant, which seeing as my Limited Edition MAC Calm Balm is running out, came just at the right time. It really feels like a treatment and that it is 'working' rather than just moisturising. Unlike most balms, once it has been on your lips for a while, even if it has worn off, you know that it has really moisturised and leaves your lips soft for a long time after. If I make it to 100 I will still be using this!

Ali x

Friday, 2 September 2011

Movida Mischief

Last Sunday me & my friend B had a joint birthday party at Movida, the second part of my birthday celebrations  following my Wild West party 2 weeks ago at La Lodge. We had such a good night, House of Maliq have posted some photos from the night on their website.... Follow singer Naberay Noire on Twitter @NaberayNoire1 xx