Thursday, 27 January 2011

Anesis Pisces Pedicure (fish food feet pedi)

After a few nights out on the town last week I decided it was pampering time. You know you've had a few too many when you keep going over on the side of your foot (sophisticated!) and pretending it's your shoes fault. So since my feet were crying out for some TLC I decided to head down to Anesis Spa in Clapham and see if the fish could do anything to help...

You start off with 30 minutes with your feet in the tank. If you look around you can spot the first-timers, they put their feet above the water, the fish rush to the surface, and they suddenly retract their feet as if it's a tank full of piranhas .... I did the exact same, making a drama out of it of course :) I started to wonder why I had paid to have a fish eat my feet, especially as I can't even bare having my heels scrubbed in a normal pedicure. It took me about 5 minutes & a glass of champagne to relax and get used to the sucking. Yes sucking - they don't have teeth and are the size of tadpoles. After the half hour my feet felt softer, from fish or water I'm not sure... I'm told it takes a few sessions for them to remove all of the dead skin. I'd imagine the fish are hungrier first thing in the morning?

The pedi was finished moving over to the sofas where you have a file and paint by the therapists who were really friendly and down to earth (although receptionist reminded me a bit of the assistant in Devil Wears Prada?). They use OPI nail colours. OPI are my favourite and seem to last ages compared to lots of others that I've tried. I used to think a nail varnish was all the same, but once you test a few you can see there really is a quality difference between some of the cheaper brands and those used in salons. Perfect if you want to match a colour to a particular dress/bag/shoes but if you're going for long lasting OPI is my fave.

My friend who I went with really enjoyed it and bought a few gift vouchers for friends birthdays. Overall we had such a giggle and will definitely go back soon. I hear they will be doing hand treatments soon too so that will be one to try. A good idea to get a group of girls together for a special occasion. It's fun either for a one-off experience, or if you're over indulgent like me - then regularly!

Oh....I nearly missed one of the most important points ;) - the place was full of blokes!!! haha..
I don't know why, maybe being eaten by a fish adds some manliness to a beauty treatment ? But there were 80% men in there when I went on a Saturday evening. A group of 5 lads even popped in on their way to the pub to get their tooties beautified bless them!


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