Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tangerine Dream

I thought Spring was on it's way but every time it gets near it gets grey outside again just as quickly! I wish summer would hurry up so I can lay outside in my garden which I'm going to have made really tropical looking so I can imagine I'm on an Island somewhere and not outside of London! 

I'm not a fan of sunbeds, I do have the odd one when I'm cold & in need of some Vitamin D (?) but in between holidays I sometimes use St Tropez Every Day.. It's a gradual tanning moisturiser and costs £14. It smells nice too, usually people can smell fake tan a mile off but this one is really lovely, smells like just a light scented perfume and not over powering. It comes in light-medium and medium-dark and obviously I go for the medium to dark one haha... I will be slapping it on before I go to Marbella, that will be my next sun holiday so I will want to be blend in there among all my girl friends and 'bella belles! 

It's not actually a holiday... it's a Hen Party that I'm going for in June, I'll be there before that too but it's only for a few days so doubt I will see much sun! I have 4 Hen Party's this year, I want to come up with some original activities and torture for the brides to be, other than your standard stripper surprise, which obviously will be taken care of! haha ;)

I'm off to Rome so I will update again soon & let you know what the Romans are up to. They love a bit of self-maintenance so I'll find out what the latest craze is over there!!

Ciao! xx

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