Monday, 28 March 2011

Bella Italia x

I've just got back from a few days in Rome. I haven't been before and it definitely was much better than I expected! I do love a City break but I'm such a sun worshipper I'd usually go for a beach resort. I absolutely loved it there.... Everyone is so well dressed and really look smart. 

They love their Smart cars, I nearly got run over about a dozen times. I love the way they drive -  I would fit in well! They're so extravagant and care free. 
As for beauty salons maybe I wasn't looking in the right places but they are definitely more into their clothes and sunglasses! I did a lot of shopping and of course visited the Colosseum. You can really imagine what it was like. I was obviously picturing Russell Crowe there with me....

My hotel was perfectly situated next to Harry's Bar (I'm always at Harry's in the City!) and I happened to bump into a couple of footballers that I'd met a few days before in London. Such a small world! Next stop Marbella....... xx

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