Friday, 1 April 2011

Suri x

Just had to put this pic of Suri up, she looks soo cute here!! Does anyone know where I can get puppy nail varnish from? I want to paint her toes like Mr Darcy from Only way is Essex haha! She is named after Suri Cruz as they share birthdays!

Tonight I am heading to Harry's bar in the City, I was pleased to find one in Rome too!! Haha. After that Gemma & I are going to McQueens.... Even though she's my flat mate we haven't seen each other for weeks because we both travel a lot & have busy social lives so we have a lot of catching up to do!

Tomorrow I am going to have my Wonderful Hair extensions taken out & a total hair make over!! They have lasted over 3months & i just fancy a change. Nev my hairdresser who is the founder of Wonderful Hair ( has some ideas & I may not be a blondie by tomorrow! Not that it will stop the stupid comments coming out my mouth though haha. He is very creative & styles Janice Dickinson, Jenny Pace, Lauren Goodger, Maria Fowler & more!! x

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