Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer

These little things are fantastic! Using them is like having a mini microdermabrasion facial and are great for use in between treatments. They come in these cute individual packets and slip over your index finger. They're soaked in chemical and physical exfoliants, as well as Rooibos Tea and Green Tea to smooth and brighten your skin and even tone. So you don't have to wet them - minimal fuss ('like'). 

You remove all your make up first, then brush in little circular motions all over your face. You then leave for a few minutes to dry before applying your moisturiser.They don't feel abrasive at all, and leave your skin so smooth and, well, resurfaced! They are even prescribed for skin conditions and proven to reduce premature ageing. 

I know a few guys who use Dermalogica, it really is a unisex brand I think because it is more associated on the clinical side of skin products, so these are for everyone! They come in a pack of 35 little 'doses' and can be found on-line from between £49-£65.00. http://www.clickskinessentials.com/dermalogica-daily-resurfacer-35pk-63-p.asp

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