Friday, 8 July 2011

Temple Spa Moisturiser

This is my favourite moisturiser, I use it every morning, it's called 'Peace Be Still' By Temple Spa. As you can imagine I have tried absolutely loads of moisturisers. I'm really fussy with moisturiser as I guess many of you are as we all have different skin types. I think there's more categories than just 'Dry', 'Normal', 'Combination'.... Everyone is has their own combination & sometimes a mix of these three types in different areas of our face. Personally I like a light moisturiser that isn't greasy and that is absorbed into the skin so won't interfere with a foundation. My temple spa one does just that. It works well with my daily tinted moisturiser which I use on top, with my Clarin's Beauty Flash Balm, or MAC Strobe Creme in between. 

Temple Spa products are gorgeous, they feel expensive and have a nice scent to them, not too heavy. They offer lots of products for sensitive skin too. Temple Spa products are used a boutique hotels & Spas and can be found in  Harrods and On-line. They have the high end quality about them without a huge price tag.

Peace Be Still is £18.00 for 150ml. They also have a fantastic aromatherapy range too and I often have their candles going in my boudoir - In my photo is Nurturing Aromatic candle with Rose, Pink Peppercorn & Ginger (£25)

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