Monday, 5 December 2011

M&M Loves: Scarves

It was so cold outside this morning! I'm glad I bought a new chunky knit scarf on Friday.... Even if I was meant to be Christmas shopping for other people. I love that we have seasons (ish) in England, and even though I'm sure I will moan when it is freezing cold, it is nice to be able to wear big coats, scarves, boots & hats. Usually all at the same time so it looks like I'm wearing the entire contents of my wardrobe & am the size of a whale. 

Here's  the hat & scarf set I bought, it's light grey & you can't really see here but has a silver thread through it. From H&M £12.99....

These are my 2 fave's from Warehouse. Love the turquoise ~ £22 & leopard print knit is on sale at the moment for £12

I think this little hood/scarf from River Island is so cute. Not sure I would wear it myself, my style is more WAG than trendy, I have one of their hats with teddy ears on which I think I can pull off. Grey & animal print furry £32

Oasis blue & turquoise love hearts scarf - £20

And this is just if you fancy a spending spree and love UGG! Sheep skin Ugg scarf ~ £200

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