Monday, 28 February 2011

3 Week Nail Varnish with Gelish Nails!

This weekend was a total write-off for me. Don't drink on an empty stomach people! It was lovely seeing all of my favourite people on Friday night :) except I was bed ridden for practically the rest of the weekend. To feel I achieved something I headed to LuLu Beauty Lounge in Bromley to treat myself to some pampering.

I have quite strong nails and always have them painted. I don't like the idea of acrylics personally, so hearing about Gelish sounded like it was just what I was looking for. It's a gel nail varnish, which lasts up to 3 weeks!! OPI varnishes which are really long lasting will stay on me for about 5 days (obviously if you are not as hard working, don't do your own cleaning etc. maybe a week.. ha ha). There is no drilling, filing the top of the nails or electric buffing so very gentle on your own nails. The colour goes on like a normal varnish and then they go under an ultra violet light for a few seconds. The most bizarre thing is they are also instantly dry?? Completely. Which means no smudging, slipping about in paper flip flops, or consequently car accidents *ahem*
I had my fingers and toes done, toes in a deep pinky/red colour which you can see on the right and more natural colour on my finger nails. They come off by being soaked in Acetone so tougher than your usual nail varnish but not a nightmare to get off and don't take any of your own nail with it! No tips to bend your nail just my own nails to their best potential. To the naked eye it probably looks like I have false nails - they are ultra shiny, thicker, and flawlessly painted. But these all mine! ;)

Mischief and Make-Up!xx

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