Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My Wonderful Hair!

Unless you are my flat mate Gemma who has enough hair to insulate the house (and most days does haha) everyone can do with more hair. You can look amazing without makeup on if you have great hair. It’s basically half of your head. So while looking for someone who could give me real human hair as opposed to the mono-fibre extensions I have had in the past, I came across Wonderful Hair. First things first: hair extensions without “HEAT OR GLUE”? Highly suspicious - short of walking round with a head full of blu-tack my little brain couldn’t comprehend how this was going to work. I contacted Nev the founder of Wonderful Hair to find out more and soon after I was at the Head Quarters about to try the Cold Fusion Technology. And, it turns out it isn’t blu-tack! ;)

Straight away I could tell Nev wasn’t just a ‘hair dresser’. He’s one of those people that is completely dedicated to what he does and you can tell how passionate he is about everything to do with Wonderful Hair within the first few minutes of talking to him. It wasn’t long before I realized I wasn’t giving my own hair the TLC it really deserves and that no wonder it’s not in amazing glossy condition with the amount of products, curling, styling and sometimes back combing (eeek) going on. I promised myself this would change now, and I was going to have luscious locks!
After an in-depth discussion about how to best look after hair, and these particular extensions, Nev started to match my blonde hair to different shades of real human hair extensions. The metal gun Nev uses, he explained to me, was cold Ultra Sound and not a hot glue gun - I touched it to make sure! Each of the extensions have a v-shaped Keratin bond which your hair goes in between. The bonds are flat and clear, unlike most which are glued in and sometimes visible. So far I was impressed! I was given hair care products consisting of shampoo, nourishing cream and a brush which have all been specially designed to work with the extensions too. After a few hours I had a believable heap of glossy blonde hair and was ready to go out on the town! I was very pleased and thought it was money well spent not only for the hair itself but for the expertise.
I’m thinking more about the products I put in my hair and what is helpful for healthier hair. Alcohol based products are not good for Wonderful Hair extensions as they can react with the Keratin bonds and loosen them. You shouldn’t lose any of the extensions and they should last at least 3 months. I lost 1 a while ago but that was from not being as gentle as I should L I wouldn’t go back to mono-fibre now, although they are ultra shiny you just can’t style them like real hair. And now I’ve found out there’s a non-damaging way too I’m sold!
My friends all thought it looked amazing, and were stunned by the colour match. You can’t tell I have extensions at all!.. what do you think? Me & Lauren at Chinawhite with our Wonderful Hair!
“I love wonderful hair extensions by Nev.. They’re so glossy and good condition! The colour match Nev does is fantastic and he also amazing at colouring my own hair 2 match! They’re easy to handle and style! The style holds and the products are soft on hair! I love love love having wonderful hair extentions - Love Lauren xxx”  
Lauren Goodger

"As a fitness celebrity & Gladiator I am constantly running around, or attending celeb events. wonderful Hair extensions not only look and feel amazing! they fit in with my active lifestyle and no one ever guesses they are extensions!"
Jenny Pacey, Enigma

You can find out more about Wonderful Hair and where your nearest salon is by clicking the link in Mischief Links at the bottom of the page to Wonderful Hair website Or on Twitter @NevWonderfulH
Mischief and Makeup xx

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