Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Airport Treats...

For me cosmetics make an airport bearable. When I'm not running late & have time to shop I love to see what I can try out on my trip.
I was in need of a new lip balm so I stopped at MAC at Heathrow to see what they had on offer. I actually got into MAC lip balm as an ex boyfriend used to use it! (A clear one, not bright red haha) They've just brought out a new lip conditioner called "Calm Mode" with SPF 15 - so perfect for being in the sun. It's a beige-pink colour, an every day neutral colour. It's actually MAC's only lip balm with lavender so ideal if you need your lips soothed for any reason!... Like recent fillers ;) It was the last one on the shelf and they are selling out fast as a new product - made me want it even more!
I also bought a 6-colour eye shadow in metallics from their Limited Edition animal print sets, love my purchases. I'm a bit greedy :) Go treat yourself...

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