Friday, 4 February 2011

Eye lashes, Brows & Balls!

I've just got back from having my eyelashes & brows tinted at Malika, in the City. I was really impressed. It was my first time there and I've got quite sensitive eyes, they didn't sting at all and they've not missed a lash! Have a look at them here, they also do HD brows & fish pedi's:

So last night my flatmate went on a 1st date... I had several drunken calls from her & from what I could understand it was going quite well. He didn't have a rucksack (which she was worried about haha) and was good fun... In fact her last call to me at 1am they were in a massage parlour in Soho having back massages?!!
If a 1am call from drunk friend wasn't enough a while later I rolled over in bed onto something that felt like an eyeball!!! I squealed & jumped up looking for the light. My bed was covered in something red -blood?! Hyperventilating I pulled back my duvet to find a cherry!! Haha no idea where it came from. Just relieved it wasn't my eyeball.

So now I'm so tired but have a big night ahead :)
I'm having my lips done tomorrow so I will let you know how that goes!!x

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