Monday, 31 October 2011

LW Lashes

This weekend I went down to Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model Live at Excel. I stopped by the Lauren's Way stand to check out some of her new products. Now added to the range are Glam Tan, Body Polish, Tan Maximizer and False Lashes! The lashes are perfect. They're really thick and a great length. They're not too long and give a nice shape getting longer at the ends & flicking out. The strip that you apply the glue to is just the right thickness too, sometimes I find they are too thick and hard to apply, but they went on really easily and stayed in place all night. Because they are quite thick they will last a while and can be reused without losing shape or taring. I really love these and will be uploading some videos & reviews of the other products in the range very soon!
Ali x

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