Friday, 28 October 2011

Rapid White!

I wanted to try out some different teeth whitening products & got sent Rapid White teeth whitening 14 day kit. As I was trying out a few, I thought it would be good to get someone else to help me, in case my teeth just kept getting whiter and I couldn't compare them anymore haha. 

So it was Mr X to the rescue. After 10 (not 14) days when the accelerator gel ran out - boys tend to be a bit more heavy handed than girls- here is what he told me about Rapid White...

The 14 day kit comes with a gel, accelerator, a shade chart so you can compare your whitening progress, and a mouth guard. The guard needs moulding to your mouth. To do this you put it in boiling water until it turns clear and then as it cools put the guard in your mouth so that it shapes to your teeth. Mr X said it was very easy to assemble, apply the gel and make the mouth guards. His main advantage was that it only takes 5 minutes twice a day, & that you can wear it in your mouth whilst showering! 
I noticed that Mr X was using the teeth whitening before he actually told me – proof that it does make a difference! He thought that at the end of the trial there was some difference, but nothing major. I would estimate 2 shades lighter on the chart provided. I'm not allowed to put the photos up, although I would like to, they are quite funny. You also have to be careful when washing out the guards with hot water, as I imagine this could cause them to soften out of the shape that fits your mouth :)
The overall the opinion is that Rapid White does what it says, effectively whitens teeth in 14days & is a good value product.

Thanks to Rapid White for the teeth whitening kit, a good recommended product, & a special thanks to Mr X for helping with this experiment, very helpful & professional… and now we both have blindingly white teeth!! 

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