Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Get Out What You Put In....

I think this is going to shock you....  

I spent a couple of days working at the Natural Products show for my dad. (Me working is not meant to be the shocker). Most of the exhibitors there are showcasing food, drink, beauty products. I was helping out on the cookery theatre haha this sounds ridiculous I know.... Anyway all in all the show is not really my thing (sorry dad haha) it all sounds bloody boring to me - organic, healthy, dull. 
Some of the food on the chef's cooked on stage was actually yummy but the best for me was Jason Vale. He is the 'Juice Master' and just uses fresh fruit and vegetables, to make smoothies nothing else. No crap substitutes for cooking ingredients etc. because he just juices.
Jason talked about the amount of illnesses and diseases that have been cured from drinking fresh juice & that everything you put in your body should benefit in some way. Juice therapy. Some of you may want to look at Kick The Drink book.... This got me thinking about my lifestyle, diet and what gets absorbed into my body through my skin.

Walking around the show I went looking to see if some non-boring natural beauty products existed.
I'm the lotion queen. I have every lotion and potion you can think up. 6 of each probably. I slap on so much body lotion, moisturiser, make up some times, some of it has to be getting in!  I was attracted by the Natural Empathy stand... because it looked pretty and I'm a girl :)

I tried out some of their hand creams and they smell gorgeous. I actually wore it in bed last night because it is the same smell as when I have aromatherapy massage which sends me to sleep! I spoke to Philip Stuckey the creator of the Natural Empathy range and he was telling me that the products are made with really really good things and not any bad things hahaha I can't actuallllly remember, apart from "no SLS" and obviously I didn't have a clue what any of that science meant, I just took his word for it and nodded. 

Anyway... I have done some research on SLSs and it turns out Mr Stuckey is right. It's shocking. SLS is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, this is found in loads of shampoos, tooth paste, gels, bubble bath and INDUSTRIAL DETERGENTS!? Slightly worrying....  The thing is SLS can cause all sorts of horrible things to happen to your body, and harm your baby if you're pregnant. It can stop children's eyes developing properly, cause cataracts, delay the bodies healing process, build up in your heart, liver and brain (last thing I need!!). When SLS is broken down to make it less abrasive this new compound is actually worse and can cause cancer. Obviously I'm not at home doing chemistry and scientific tests so you can read what I've read here:

I am really going to think about what I put in and on my bod from now on.......... 
I say as I inject a load of filler in my face hahaha. It actually isn't funny I have done some naive things! Nothing is more valuable than your health!!

Natural Empathy products look good, smell good and are not dangerous at all (wahoo). I found out after that they won "Best New Natural Beauty Product 2011" I should've been a judge because I spotted them a mile off :) They have a wide range so check them out here:


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  1. SLS is bad but so are the parabens used as preservatives by mass market brands in their lotions and creams. Stick to paraben free like Natural Empathy!