Sunday, 17 April 2011

Lauren's Way <3

Lauren Goodger has launched her own Tanning Products "Lauren's Way" Gorgeous Self Tanning Bronzing Mousse and Gorgeous Beach Bronze Tanning Lotion!
I tried out the Tanning Lotion first in dark. As you can see in the picture both the lotion and mousse are dark in colour so give you an instant colour as well as a developing tan.

The lotion went on really well and was easy to blend in because you can see the colour straight away. The mousse was the same - the colour was lovely on me, I am quite fair and the colour you can see looks like a golden tan. My friend Gemma in the photo is darker than me and she was really impressed with the colour of it on her too, so I can say that it's good on all skin tones. She used gloves to put it on with but I'm impatient and didn't :) I just washed my hands straight after and it was fine and didn't stain, that's usually the tell tale sign of a fake tan. After I also get some cotton wool and wipe some tan on the backs of my hands so that it is all looks even and natural.

You can put it all over, on your face too just blend into your hair line. It recommends that you exfoliate and moisturise first too, I didn't and it wasn't patchy at all. The mousse is like a foam and so easy to put on. If I had to choose I would say the mousse is my favourite just because of the feel of it going on. I put two layers of the lotion on for a really deep colour and it lasted on for about 3 days but you could use it everyday. I wore the mousse last night and everyone admired it.

The difference between the mousse and the lotion I would say is that the lotion is good to put on first thing in the morning as it keeps you moisturised all day so you could just put that on and go. It's down to personal preference, I like to top up with the mousse for a night out and it's a bit lighter to wear if you tan before bed.

Both are only very slightly frangranced, I think the lotion smells slightly like melon and the mousse chocolate. Maybe because I'm trying to diet haha! But neither have that fake tan smell that some do have. They both blend in nicely and gave me a really gorgeous even tan. You can see in the picture that it looks really natural and not orange at all. I love both of these and will be ordering more as soon as I'm getting near the end! Having a tan always makes me look and feel so much better and this is my favourite tan that I've used. I definitely recommended it and it's great value for money. The mousse is £17.95 and the lotion £15.95 or you can buy both for £33.90. That's cheaper than Fake Bake or St Tropez and I'd say you're getting definitely just as good if not better products for it.

You can buy Lauren's Way tanning products here
Or on her FaceBook Shop 
Ask me anything else that you want to know. I think you'll love Lauren's Way!!

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  1. Would you recommend the lotion or the mousse? xx

  2. Hi! I personally prefer the mousse, but the only difference really is the texture on application and what it feels like on until the colour has developed underneath. Both are great!xx