Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Easter Bunnyhuahua x

Hope you all had a nice Easter! I went to stay at Ragdale Hall Spa in Leicester with some girl friends. It's really really lovely there and I would definitely recommend it for a relaxing break. It's only 2 hours out of London on the train, the accommodation is great, and it's a really relaxed atmosphere. Everyone roams around in their robes all day, even at lunch and dinner. The food is really nice too, although it is pretty healthy they give you  A LOT of if! Haha not that you have to eat everything, but I lost my cool and ate carbs while I was there! Not sure I lost any weight being there to be honest. They have loads of treatment rooms so you can book last minute treatments while you are there too, and there's classes on all throughout the day. We took part in a Pom Pom class which was really fun. Reminded me of uni as I was a cheerleader for our football team haha! There's an outdoor pool and lots of different sauna, steam room, tropical thunder room, salt crystal steam, silent think room (which we got thrown out of for laughing and being loud in). 
It was a really nice break and I miss having someone bring me breakfast in bed every morning now! http://www.ragdalehall.co.uk/

Yesterday I spent the day doing a shoot with Lithium Imaging. I got to dress up a lot which I love as we were recreating some DVD & game cover special effects. I used Lauren's Way tanning mousse the night before so that I looked tanned & had an even skin tone. It's a good colour because if you apply it well it doesn't look unreal & gave me a nice glow. It was a really fun day, we worked hard & as soon as we finished we had champagne and cake haha! I'll post some of the pictures when they're finished in a few weeks!

Mischief & Makeup!xx

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