Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fill Your Boots!

I've seen some really nice boots in the shops for winter, & there are so many different styles out at the moment, I want them all!

Here are my favourites...

Suede Platform ankle boots from H&M ~ £34.99. Great investment, they are so comfortable and stylish. Can be dressed up with tights and a skirt, or more casual with jeans or leggings. So cute.

How sweet are these? I love these little rock-chick look boots, can just imagine them with tights and a jumper-dress. ~ £75 from Oasis, they come in black & also grey, a little bird tells me they have £25 off at the moment in store too.. these included! Great investment. I say that about everything I buy :)

Black flat over the knee boots only ~ £20 from Primark! These actually belong to my flat mate (stealing her clothes for photos) But I have wanted them since she got them. I'm sure Gemma is glad we aren't the same size or I would steal her shoes all the time. Thou shalt not covet thy friends boots. But they are really cool


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