Tuesday, 8 November 2011

*New* LW - 3 Step Tan

In addition to the LW lashes, LW have launched Glam Tan, Body Polish & Tan Enhancing Moisturiser!
Any fake tan experts know that the best start to a great finish is using a good body scrub to give you a smooth base. LW Body Polish does just that. Some areas can be slightly dry, such as elbows and knees, this polish smooths away any dead skin cells leaving you silky soft to apply your tan. 

LW Glam Tan is just something else! It is a spray solution which gives you the exact same finish as a professional spray tan. Simply spray the Glam Tan directly on to an area of your body or on to the tanning mitt. Stroke the mitt over the area to give full coverage, a tanning mitt is the ideal way to perfectly blend and not leave any streaks. You can apply the tan more lightly to certain areas using the mitt, such as back of hands and wrists (avoid palms all together!) ankles and feet. And a second application to arms and legs, depending on how dark you want to be. This is my favourite LW product from the tanning range, the consistency and feel of it is perfect. Once applied it doesn't feel tacky, or sticky, just completely like your normal skin.

The Tan Enhancing Moisturiser is a really yummy smelling body cream which is specially designed to help you hold on to your tan for longer. It deeply moisturises and can be used morning & evening to keep your skin smooth and tanned for as long as possible! It can also be used (very sparingly) before application too on any areas that you want to avoid, eyebrows, palms etc.

This is the perfect 3-Step tanning treatment for a authentic looking, lasting tan!
Mischief & Make-up x

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